Fix the iOS app design


It would be great if you could design the app to Apple design standards. The features are good, but things aren’t intuitive, and it would be really nice to see the app designed with a little more care to the user experience.



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Armin Samii

Thanks for your suggestions! We totally agree -- the latest version has updated most menus to better match iOS design guidelines, and the next version will match even more menus. We completely redesigned the Settings menu.

I'd love to hear your top priorities here -- what are the least intuitive areas? Gesture controls? Menu design? Timeline scrubber? Something else?



The settings menu was a major driver of this feedback so I am glad to hear that’s being changed.

I noticed that scrubbing video is a bit more intuitive now and you’ve taken advantage of Taptic as well which is nice. Overall though, the video interface is confusing to navigate.

GoPro does the highlights pretty well in their app, or perhaps you can come up with a better way.

Slightly off topic, but it would be cool to integrate with AppleWatch heart rate date to see how that is impacted by poor driving or other things that are encountered